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Symphony's song

....Ghost's Sonata

This be my moïra in Life
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Marriage is love.

Sailor Moon is love

what can i say... huge SM fan.... favorites are :Venus and Pluto.

Hi, I'm Flora.

FOR THE RECORD, THERE ARE ICONS THAT I'VE "STOLEN" from all over the place, i always forget but if you see them PLEASE PLEASE tell me. i'll credit and bow down to your grandeur 'cuz i LOVED your icon.

Destinyhmmm... what to say what to say,

So why shouldn't I dream?

Every person has a dream. Something special that if accomplished, would make them feel that their life was completed successfully. I am no different than anyone else. This journal was created to share that dream with the world, in the forlorn hope that one day, that dream to reality will appear. What is that dream? well i wish i knew. but i'm content watching it be revealed little by little, someday i may look back ont he entries made within this html tags and see, that i have lived my dream. until then stranger, help me unveil that mosaic, read, enjoy, comment. I will not promise you understanding, and i will not promise you that i always know what i'm saying or that what i'm saying is truth or not. This is me. Now. Bared.

if you so feel inclined to enter my thoughts, my world, then welcome. otherwise, turn back now.

"This is saw. This is what i heared. This is what i know This is all i know.

Believe in me, in my words, in what i have said and what has been written down.

I am here, still, the hero of my own dreams, and let me please keep my place in yours.

I am the Vampire Lestat.
Let me pass now from fiction into legend."

9:43 February 28. 1994
Adieu, mon amour

(Memnoch the Devil, Anne Rice)

i'm also the moderator for 1000words_icons
& a banner maker for toon_icontest


Birthplace:paris france
Current Location:caen
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:brown
Height:1m 64
Tatoos:not yet
Overused Phraze:lol
Candy:peanut m&m's
Drink:orangina or mountain dew
Alcohol Drink:dunno
Body Part on Opposite sex:eyes, hair
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing:McD
Strawberry or Watermelon:Strawberry
Hot tea or Ice tea:hot
Chocolate or Vanillaboth
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:both!
Kiss or Hug:both, and it depends on who
Dog or Cat:dog
Rap or Punk:rap
Summer or Winter:winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:both
Love or Money:love
Bedtime:heh, sometime before i have to get up
Most Missed Memory:family friends
Best physical feature:i dont have one?
First Thought Waking Up:ugh?! why am i awake?
Goal for this year:for this year? i'v attained more then half that goal and i'm still sane! ( dont let anyoen tell you otherwise)
Best Friends:nicole, abby, rebekah, penny, kelly
Weakness:weak, depressed, overthinking, too nice
Fears:heights; love
Heritage:french, belgian
Ever Drank:yup
Ever Smoked:nope
Pot:have I pot? i'm sorry i dont pot do you pot? pot pot pot pot. rephrase the question.
Ever been Drunk:nope
Ever been beaten up:nope
Ever beaten someone up:not really i dotn think so
Ever Skinny Dipped:nope
Favorite Eye Color:blue or green
Favorite Hair Color:black
Short or Long:long or short depends
Height:taller then me
Style:dunno depends on the person
Looks or Personality:depends
Hot or Cutecute
Drugs and Alcohol:neither; i'd stick their ass in rehab so fast! i'm sorry but alcoholism and drug usage are not ok
Muscular or Really Skinny:neither
Number of Regrets in the Past:TONS
What country do you want to Visit:dunno
How do you want to Die:quietly and regally
Been to the Mall Lately:nope
Do you like Thunderstorms:yup
Get along with your Parents:i adore talking to my mom but theres reasons for that. my dad no
Health Freak:about some things
Do you think your Attractive:no
Believe in Yourself:no
Want to go to College:yup
Do you Smoke:no
Do you Drink:no
Shower Daily:yup if not more then once
Been in Love:bah humbug
Do you Sing:sure
Want to get Married:not sure on that
Do you want Children:not sure on that
Have your future kids names planned out:NO!
Age you wanna lose your Virginity:lol
Hate anyone:sure


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